Ask the Experts: Mother’s Day 2012 Edition

by Jessica on May 9, 2012

Even if they’re of the Hallmark variety, holidays still matter. So I asked Los Angeles area moms who are involved with food in various capacities — whether it be cooking, writing, blogging, or dealing with it professionally some way — a simple question. Read below to see what a dozen of these hard working women who give so much to their families and communities consider to be an ideal Mother’s Day.

Cheers to you, ladies, and Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Amanda Chantal Bacon, Chef/Owner, Moon Juice
My ideal Mother’s Day would be driving out to the desert with my man and my 8-month-old son Rohan in our VW Camper Bus with a chest full of Moon Juice on ice and avocados from the Santa Monica Farmers Market, then pick some dates from our friends at Flying Disc Ranch on the way down. We would stay at The Parker and sip on juice, munch on avocados and dates pool side all day. Then drink pink champagne and eat French fries at Mister Parker’s at night.  Lots of hugging and kissing, swimming and juice drinking in the sun!

Ellen Chen, Co-Owner, Mendocino Farms & Blue Cow
My ideal Mother’s Day actually includes a tradition we started when I was pregnant with our son years ago.  We go to Geoffrey’s in Malibu and have brunch on the deck with my family, then we head over to the beach and hang out.  This is a really special day for us as our lives are typically so hectic. It’s one of the days we spend together as a family with no interruptions from work, the kids’ sports games, or birthday parties.  It’s 100% family time and I love every minute of it!

Melissa Darpino, Director of Catering, The Patina Group
Sleeping late (8 am!), then fresh orange juice, strong coffee, French-scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast…then, my daughter and I hit the Studio City farmers’ market and hope that we haven’t missed Harry’s Berries.  Back home, we sit on the porch and clean our weekly fruits and vegetables, and make some fresh lemonade.  Lunch is usually bits of the vegetables we are cleaning, perhaps some leftovers from the night before.  If warm enough, we’ll take a dip in the pool, and just enjoy being outside. For dinner, we have a fantastic salad, pasta (mine with mushrooms, hers with broccoli and snap peas) and finish with strawberry shortcake, of course!  Since the little one has school the next day, our normal Sunday routine kicks in, so we finish our day reading books. Pretty much every Sunday is my ideal Mother’s Day!

Karen Hatfield, Chef/Owner, Hatfield’s, forthcoming Sycamore Kitchen
I’m looking forward to a relaxing Mother’s Day and having Quinn and the kids make breakfast for me. My daughter loves to mix eggs! Some extra sleep and breakfast made by Quinn and the kids is an ideal morning.

Heather John, Writer/Editor/Blogger, The Foodinista
My ideal Mother’s Day would involve a morning mani/pedi in a cabana poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel, followed by a MacCarthy chopped salad and a glass of Sancerre on the patio of the Polo Lounge. But given that I have a newborn and a toddler, that’s not really in the cards. In reality, the most romantic and decadent gift I could receive would be sleep. So this year, I’m fantasizing about breakfast in bed—a batch of my grandmother’s sticky buns and a cup of Ristretto Roasters Nicaraguan Prodecoop Dipilto coffee, followed by a leisurely walk with our boys over to Larchmont Farmers Market to pick up a couple bouquets of tomato red ranunculus.

Erika Kerekes, Blogger, In Erika’s Kitchen
My ideal Mother’s Day may be a bit unusual compared with other moms. It goes like this:
* Have my kids bring me tea or coffee in bed
* Go out to Din Tai Fung in Arcadia for xiao long bao (soup dumplings) and Shanghai rice cakes
* Stop at Lollicup for boba milk tea
* Do a little exotic grocery shopping at 99 Ranch Market
* Come home, snuggle on the couch with my boys while watching a good movie
* Leave them to fend for themselves for the late afternoon and dinner while I head to the spa for a scrub and a massage!

Karen Klemens, Ice Cream Maker/Food Preserver/Owner, Mother Moo Creamery
Mother’s Day is expected to be a very busy one for the store so I’ll try to sleep as late as I can and then head over to the Hollywood Farmers
Market with my husband and 7-year-old son. I’ll head back to the store afterward but not before I spend a few moments remembering my own mom, who died much too young. This day is about her, too. I miss her every day.

Lucy Lean, Author/Writer/Blogger, Made in America and Ladles & Jellyspoons
Best Mother’s Day would involve lots of vintage champagne with my husband, breakfast in bed cooked by the kids (asparagus frittata with coffee, toast with my fave French apricot jam) and lunch cooked by Chef Ludo Lefebvre and super mom @FrenchChefWife Krissy and their 1 year old twins — two families relaxing and enjoying family time and celebrating mummies everywhere.

Cheryl Lee, Chef/Blogger, Black Girl Chef’s Whites
My ideal Mother’s Day is any Mother’s Day where I do not have to do the cooking! Since I am the trained chef in the family, I often am responsible for holiday meals, including Mother’s Day. Being a single mother, I don’t have a spouse to take me out, and my daughter is only 5, so she can’t drive me anywhere yet. One day…

Krissy Lefebvre, LudoBites
A repeat of last year. My first mother’s day was perfect at home with Ludo, his mom, the babies and a few friends. Ludo cooked, we drank Dom Perignon and just celebrated the magic and miracles of our twins. Ok, he doesn’t have to get me another Louis Vuitton bag for it to be perfect. I will just take the food and the champagne.

Catherine McCord, Weelicious
My ideal Mother’s Day would be to wakeup and have the kids jump in bed with us and make me giggle until I can’t see straight. We would spend the morning at the Hollywood Farmers Market gathering tons of food and flowers for a casual lunch at home. After lounging around reading the paper, we would go on a bike ride around Silver Lake and then head home to cook a great big dinner. If someone decided to rub my feet at some point during the day, that would make me endlessly happy as well.

Christine Moore, Owner/Candy Maker, Little Flower Candy Company
My favorite Mother’s Day is an invitation! No, just kidding. Really as a single mom with three kids I love to sweep them out of town and get a cheap hotel room at the beach (up the coast) and ride bikes, eat In-N-Out burgers and get away from the daily grind.

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Lucy Lean May 9, 2012 at 11:38 am

Thanks for including me – what great company – but you never give us YOUR perfect mother’s day… if you are on trend it will include Champagne and breakfast in bed (preferably both)


Jessica May 9, 2012 at 12:08 pm

Thank YOU! Haven’t really thought about my Sunday! ;-) Hells yeah to Champagne, or one of those Suzanne Goin/Wms-Sonoma cocktail recipes — just after coffee in bed (uppers and downers, please). I’ve been saving a massive pile of magazines and a spa cert to burn that day, and I’ll probably insist on a big family Sunday night Chinese meal…


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