Mealtime Story Recommendation: “Starchy and Husk”

by Jessica on March 21, 2012

Anybody who’s involved in anything near this business of mommy blogging knows about those odd product and contest offers that show up in ye olde In Box. Toothpaste samples, nose wipes, toilet training flash cards, you name it. So it’s refreshing when someone local reaches out to share a special quirky passion project.

A few months back Deborah Reilly, an author/illustrator in Santa Monica and former service industry professional, sent me a set of her adorable self-published “Starchy and Husk” books. Reilly has crafted stories about a corn cob and a potato who are pals and — let’s all say it together, folks — fight crime! These have a charming DIY quality, and are slim volumes that can be easily tucked in your bag and brought out during a family meal. Convenient! My kids think the rhyming stories, collages and illustrations in the “Greet Boot in Soup Caper” and “Swoodsh Whoosh Swish” are goofy and hilarious, plus some parents can appreciate the surreal narratives and curry references. Check out Deborah’s work here.

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