BBQ, Beer & Beyond: What L.A. Food Pro Dads Hope to Eat and Do on Father’s Day

by Jessica on June 16, 2011

Bigmista's BBQ sampler by @djjewelz

It’s good to know that chefs, restaurant owners, and other food professionals still know how to set time aside for their families when it really counts. Here’s what some dads from the L.A. food world — and a bit geographically beyond — have to say about what they hope to eat and do this Father’s Day. (OK, so the food bloggers aren’t exactly standing over hot stoves 12 hours a day, but they work hard, too!) While many of these folks are looking forward to a healthy amount of meat, BBQ, beer, and other manly food + drink on Sunday, keep reading to learn about the range of traditions and tastes among dudes who take their food very, very seriously. We wish them all the relaxation, special attention, indulgence and fun they deserve on Father’s Day!

Sebastien Archambault, Executive Chef/Partner, L’Epicerie Market
Of course I’m very excited to spend this day with my family.  We’ll enjoy some very good wine and maybe go to the beach for a relaxing picnic.

Zach Brooks, Blogger/Founder, Midtown Lunch
My dad is coming to town…I think we were going to take him Duke’s in Malibu. Love me some buffet action (and so does my dad, natch!).

Jeff Cerciello, Chef/Owner, Farmshop
I’m really looking forward to my wife and two girls coming down from Napa to visit. On Father’s Day, I’ll be at the restaurant cooking for other dads and hoping to help make their day special, too.

Tony Chen, Blogger, AKA Sinosoul
Likely start late by pulling City Bean espresso and blend some early season white peaches for bellini (with fiber!?). The scooter trip to the farmers market for bushels of Asian greens will then beckon. Hopefully there will be time for a brunch escapade (maybe The Standard or The York? Whichever more barren with no food photogs). Seeing it’s Father’s Day, the remainder will be spent far away from the cherub, lest I remember fatherhood — wrenching on the convertible should do the trick.

Zach Cox, Co-Owner, Carmela Ice Cream
I will be working at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market on Father’s Day which will be fun to provide Carmela Ice Cream to spouses and children looking to get a nice Father’s Day gift. My top recommendation for dad will be the Guinness Ice Cream. Guinness Floats will be the Father’s Day desert of choice! After I get done with the market we have plans to BBQ in our backyard and spend some time with [partner] Jessica [Mortarotti] and the kids. Of course I’ll be having my Guinness Float, too.

Aidan Demarest, Mixologist, Tello Demarest Liquid Assets, The Spare Room
For work, I eat and drink at some of the best places in the country but Father’s Day means a tray of burnt toast, cold coffee and drug store cologne for breakfast. Nap, then to Handy Market on Magnolia in Burbank to pick up lazy man’s BBQ with ribs, chicken, roasted corn, big French bread and maybe a cold beer. No fancy cocktails or eggs benedict with salmon. Just screaming kids and me trying to memorize their faces, right now.

Joseph Elevado, Executive Chef, L’Ermitage Beverly Hills
For Father’s Day, I am looking forward to eating a traditional Filipino dish called Caldereta. My mother makes it the best, it’s a stew of beef usually paired with tomato, potato, peas, peppers, and sometimes cheese. The kicker to the sauce is liver pate.  It’s been kind of a tradition to prepare a traditional dish for holidays and that’s what I am looking forward to along with spending some quality time with the wife and kids!

Adam Fleichman, Umami Burger
I would hope to be outside slurping oysters and drinking a mezcal cocktail. No cooking necessary!

Joshua Klapper, Winemaker, La Fenêtre Wines
An ideal Father’s Day would start by waking up late to a big brunch prepared by my wife and kids, Lily and Alex.  I’d probably pair it with a great Riesling — which is a perfect way to start a day! Then we’d plan a late picnic lunch at the beach, probably something light and easy for the kids, and for dinner, BBQ steak and ribs paired with aged Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir!

Eddie Lin, Blogger/Writer, Deep End Dining
I’ll be hosting a BizarreBQ, which is where I invite friends over and grill tasty yet uncommon BBQ items like teriyaki tentacles, bacon wrapped pizzle, rooster fries kabobs and smoked turkey necks.  All served with a side of grunion rings and various Korean banchan. The kids will have hot dogs — and that’s not a euphemism for anything.

Josh Loeb, Co-Owner, Rustic Canyon/Huckleberry/Sweet Rose Creamery
This Father’s Day we’ll be spending the morning with my Dad at his house in Rustic Canyon. It will probably be the same brunch food we’ve done for years, bagels, cream cheese, lox etc. Very simple. In the afternoon it’s over to [wife and pastry chef] Zoe’s [Nathan] parents house for Lasagna, which Zoe will make the night before and we’ll bake off that afternoon. Strictly comfort food for Father’s Day.

Ludovic Lefebvre, Chef, LudoBites
Since it is my first Father’s Day I am definitely going to open a nice bottle of champagne. For me it will be about spending the day with my new babies and my family. I am going to leave the cooking to Krissy, so I might end up hungry, but it will still be best Father’s Day ever because it is my first.

Nathan McCall, McCall’s Meat & Fish Co.
I want to eat a nice big steak! I will probably have a bone-in Rib Eye. It is by far my favorite cut and always a winner. I’ll cook mine in the oven at a low temp after searing stove top and finishing with butter, thyme and garlic, best flavors ever.

John Nugent, Co-Owner, Colorado Wine Company
On Sunday I plan to consume a proper diner breakfast involving far too much bacon and have a beer in my hand by 1 pm.  I will also more than likely engage in very lazy parenting that involves too much TV and the kids putting clothing on the cats.

James Starr, Co-Owner, The Golden State
I will be in Ojai to celebrate Father’s Day. I’ve heard there’s a legit taquería in the back of a liquor store called red barn so I’m hoping to check that out with the fam.

Neil Strawder, Bigmista’s Barbecue
Unfortunately, I will be traveling on Father’s Day but when I get back, my 3 year old daughter and I are going to make a big pot of Spaghetti! She loves to stir the sauce.

Stan Weightman, Co-Owner, Valerie Confections
Our son, August, loves making pancakes — he pours, whisks, flips, plates,
reaching the stove on his special step stool (with close supervision, 
obvs). Valerie [Gordon] and August are planning to start the day making pancakes
together for us all. Bloody Mary’s will also be a part of the morning. Silverlake Wine carries my new favorite mix, Et Tu Brute.  Delicious, but not for the sodium averse. Before it gets too hot, we’ll be going on a family bike ride. Any father who’s being honest will tell you that one of the best presents you can give him for Father’s Day is a little down time. When they get back, a little lunch. I’ll be drinking Allagash White, and grilling burgers with McCall’s house grind, which is a blend Rib Eye, New York & Chuck. Very lightly handled, with just a little salt & pepper, and it’s pretty much the perfect burger.

Farid Zadi, Chef, Consultant and Instructor, Ecole de Cuisine
A big cote de boeuf, sauteed potatoes, simple green salad, cheese and a chocolate dessert. That’s my favorite dinner. I’m a meat and potatoes chef. For lunch, I’ll ask my wife to steam bulghur couscous to have with kefir.

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