Barnsdall Friday Silverlake Wine Tastings Are Back…This Time, the Kids Pay

by Jessica on May 27, 2011

During these weeks leading up to summer, I’ve been wondering when an email alerting subscribers to a much beloved weekly summer happening would arrive. Last night it finally came.

Friday night wine tastings at Barnsdall co-hosted with Silverlake Wine, those lively and joyous, if not somewhat kid-raucous gatherings, that have infused Frank Lloyd Wright’s landmark Hollyhock House with fresh vitality begin again on June 17th. YAY! Even though this is only the third year, the weekly party has become an integral part of our summer social life and of so-called Eastside hipster parenthood. It’s some of the most stressful fun any parent in L.A. can have.

But according to the notification, some changes are afoot this year, including an increased $25 admission price and:

•    The musical styling of featured guest DJs from KCRW
•    Take home a limited edition collectible wine glass from each event
•    Enjoying food from specialty and eclectic food trucks
•    Special access to LAMAGA’s art gallery exhibitions

Here’s what really caught my attention:

In addition, please be sure to review the new policies related to children attending the event. Due to the capacity of the event area, children over the age of 2 will now require tickets ($5) to attend. Please note that these tickets are limited…

This development is hardly surprising. Complaints about too many or poorly supervised kids aren’t new, and those small stomping feet can be hard on the property.

So Barnsdall regulars, what do you think? Will these new restrictions discourage you from bringing your whole family? Do  you think the event will be improved overall? Is this a form of economic discrimination? (Although there’s always been a suggested $5 donation for non-drinkers to attend.) If you don’t have kids and have been turned off in the past by the tenor of the Barnsdall Fridays, are you now MORE likely to go knowing the single-digit age presence will be capped?

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jesse May 27, 2011 at 2:14 pm

Unfortunately the rise in prices makes it pretty prohibitive for me to go with the family this summer. For a family of five, we’re talking $65 – a bit steep for an hour or so. I for one am surprised (but not really) to read of the complaints of the event. I’ll admit to being a bit overwhelmed myself with the gaggle of families and kids – but it’s part of the charm. It really is a lovely event, so we’ll probably not write it off completely (it’s for a good cause in any case).


Jessica May 27, 2011 at 8:54 pm

That’s a lot of cash, not to mention hardly any time to enjoy your much-deserved Friday night wine. The tastings are way better enjoyed if you’re not outnumbered, anyway! But hopefully you’ll find a way to go to at least one this season, perhaps if you can recruit another pair of adult hands to pitch in…


Susan June 1, 2011 at 6:28 pm

I think you’re going to lose a lot of people this year..


The Sweetest June 3, 2011 at 7:51 pm

It’s not something we would do every week, so yeah, I’ll pay for my son. We all had a great time when we went last summer, so I think it’s worth it. And, yes, I do think that some events with kids can get out of hand- perhaps I am even more aware because I am also a parent and know what my limits are with my own kiddo.


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