Chain Restaurant Deal Alert! Chipotle Kids’ Menu with Free Food on Weekends in April

by Jessica on April 15, 2011

“You’ve NEVER been to Chipotle?” Not exactly a question I’d expect coming from a Manhattan resident.

But apparently my sister was shocked I hadn’t been to the assemble-your-own, insta-serving, processed food-shunning, relatively conscious fast food chain until recently. While not as quite ubiquitous in L.A. as in New York, the Chipotle presence here is definitely growing. (Newest location: 7th and Grand, Downtown, plus other expansion plans.) I was glad to pop in to the one by my son’s school when in a major time crunch. (I’m not so psyched, however, that they demolished an All American Burger to build this Chipotle, mostly because of SoCal nostalgia.) I walked in, ordered, and my food was handed to me as I paid. OK, I get why that kind of efficiency and speed appeals to Manhattanites and parents, and why the Sunset near Fairfax location has been mobbed since the doors opened. BTW they have high chairs, and that low round stool seating is kind of fun.

Now there’s a new kids’ menu in the mix, hence the reason for this rare chain restaurant-focused post. This isn’t the place to experience the more subtle nuances of Mexican cuisine. But kids get free food during the remaining weekends through May 1st. The Chipotle Kid’s Menu is free at LA and OC locations with an adult order of tacos, burrito, salad or burrito bowl. (If you take issue with Nestle, however, no apple juice for you.) The menu follows after the jump. Take note my son said the black beans were too spicy, but he’s got about a zero spice tolerance. (Shhh: they’re not at all spicy.) Baby brother just ate the leftovers.

Small Cheese Quesadilla ($2.95): Comes with rice, choice of beans,  small bag of chips and a choice of organic plain milk, organic chocolate milk, apple juice or a soda.

Small Meat & Cheese Quesadilla ($3.50): Small meat and cheese quesadilla with a side of rice, chips and a drink.

Single Taco ($3.50): Crispy or soft taco filled with three items (naturally raised meat or guacamole, or two other ingredients e.g. salsa and cheese), plus chips and a drink.

Taco Kit ($3.95): Choice of any three ingredients, and two crispy or two soft taco shells. Comes with chips and a drink.

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