Heart Overload! Happy Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles 2011

by Jessica on February 10, 2011

At Babble Los Angeles, where I now fully, unabashedly mommy blog (in case you hadn’t noticed that huge badge there on the right), I’ve posted some recs and links to Valentine’s Day activities for both the young and “old” (ahem) set. Read up on some date night suggestions, and go crazy at some of my favorite local bakeries and sweet shops that are stepping it up for the cute-fest holiday. Or decorate your own conversation hearts for a fun crafty project at home. There’s no lack of ideas and inspiration to be found online. Oh, don’t forget all the many amazing chocolate shops around town, and Morning Glory Confections is doing a pop-up in Santa Monica.

Also: This class might be sold out already, but as of last Sunday they were still advertising so it’s worth looking into. The Farmer’s Kitchen in Hollywood, which is operated by the non-profit organization SEE-LA that manages the market, and provides job training and other community benefits (in addition to functioning as a restaurant and catering service, whew!), is hosting a Valentine’s Day jelly and jamming workshop. (A full post about the Farmer’s Kitchen is to come, BTW.) The focus and end result of the hands-on session will be pomegranate jelly, champagne-berry jelly, and a fruit jam. Plus instruction includes a lesson in tart pastry making for at least one other practical use of all that “putting up.” The class takes place on Saturday, February 12, from 2 to 6 p.m. at the Farmer’s Kitchen in Hollywood.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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