Wurstküche: Perfect for a Man-Date, or Kids Date

by Jessica on August 12, 2010

See, it’s not just families during the Early Bird Special Hour. This is about 6 p.m. on a Saturday.

Kid Hit Menu Items:
It’s all about sausages and fries and beer at Wurstküche, so if your child does not like any of these things, you’re outta luck. Especially the beer part. Kidding! The bockwurst is particularly mild, as is the veg apple sage. Chunky Belgian-style are some of the best in town, and blue cheese walnut bacon dipping sauce is highly recommended if nut allergies aren’t an issue.

Adult Perks: Huge list of craft beer on tap, house-made sausages, and intriguing fry dipping options. “Exotic” sausages (not a euphemism), if you want to go that route.

Pros: The room is loud, minimally designed (exposed brick walls, ducts, etc.), with big long communal tables and some tables at one end and in the smaller room off the side. If your kid needs to move, then it’s easy enough to take a nice stroll outside. There’s also the outdoor patio. And the Gold Line extension isn’t too far, if you want to like, ship your kid off on his/her own adventure or something.

Stools are architect-y and small, and the individual tables are oddly shaped so might require a little extra attention. Noise actually might be overwhelming to some.

Even hip adults sometimes need to be reminded of preschool lessons.

Changing Station: No. But there’s one stall in the women’s restroom that’s roomy if you absolutely need to do your thing and have a changing pad with you.

High Chairs: Yes

Parking and Access: Street parking only. I usually find a space within a block or two from Wurstküche around the Artists District. It’s always a fun and interesting to walk around there anyway. The trickiest thing can be FINDING Wurstküche if you’re never been there before, since the signage is, well, subtle. (Apologies to my mom for having her meet us there; thankfully her grandson was with her, who has an amazing sense of direction and memory for places.)

Other Tidbits: might get a lot of people’s vote for best Man-Date spot, but it’s also a super place to take your kids. It’s a simple concept that’s well executed. The vibe is heavy on the architecture and design scene, especially since SCI-Arc is right down the street, and the crowd is always a lively and fun to watch. (PSA moment: don’t forget to keep an eye on your little ones, folks!) The rowdy mess hall, commissary-like set-up can be convenient, but does sometimes require patience. It’s always crowded, even on an early Saturday night when we went last week. So definitely do not go during peak times unless you want to wait a long time to order and for seats in the dining room.

Udpate: There’s also a Venice location.


800 East 3rd Street, Downtown/Artists District
(213) 687-4444
Cuisine: Sausages/Hot Dogs/Gastropub
Price: $$
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – midnight; Sunday noon – midnight.

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Tracie August 13, 2010 at 3:32 am

I love Wurstkuche and I’m so glad that they have highchairs now. When I went a few months ago, I had to hold my squirmy 8-month old on my lap throughout my meal. Not fun at all.
I think weekday lunches are the best time to go. It’s never too busy, there’s always room at the tables, and the wait to order and get your food is about 15 minutes.
BTW, the Google map above is, umm, really off.


Jessica August 13, 2010 at 8:17 am

Thanks for the heads up! Map has been fixed.


Daily Gluttony August 14, 2010 at 9:39 pm

I agree that Wurstkuche is kid-friendly but it’s all about the timing. We tried bringing the little one with us for a 5:30pm early weekday dinner once and the place was packed with the happy hour hipster crowd. We didn’t want to wait for a table so we left. Lunch has proven to be a much better option for us!


Kate August 16, 2010 at 3:24 pm

This is in my neighorhood and I love it, but because of the echo factor, the place gets loud. And while that’s fine, some kids freak out, get louder and then the whole place is clanging.


lynn @ the actor's diet August 20, 2010 at 9:55 pm

my hubby totally went here for a man date. i want him to take me here for a real date.


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