Fun on Wheels: Food Trucks

by Jessica on August 8, 2010

Double bonus: French fries in the truck out front, cupcakes in the store around back.

Pros: Flexibility. Convenience. Price. Amusement factor.

Cons: Lack of seating. Varying wait times. Depending on the setting, harsh direct sunlight. Possible resulting messiness. (See photo for evidence of Coolhaus consumption.)

Coolhaus + Sprinkles truck = a delicious mess.

Changing Station: Your car.

High Chairs: Your car. Or maybe a bench, or a bus stop.

Parking and Access: Either easy or impossible.

Other Tidbits: Children love food trucks. Doesn’t matter. Pretty much any fucking truck will do. We’re fans of Frysmith and Coolhaus in particular. And Let’s Be Frank, of course; the owner Sue Moore really knows how to win the kids over.

Various Cuisine: Just about anything and everything these days.
Generally $-$$

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tamara August 10, 2010 at 7:17 pm

Hey! I’ve been wanting to try two food trucks in particular. I think we need to make a food truck/play date; for the purposes of blog fodder of course.

Since I will only do veggie places or kosher the two that are often around us are: Dosa Truck and Frankenstand. Let me know when you want to go :) I follow them both of them on Twitter :)


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