mikkelerSo it’s not as civically important as defending the image of Los Angeles in the national media, or challenging recent toothless water conservation restrictions in California. But inspired by a tweet from the inimitable Alissa Walker, who often blogs about her responses to articles that strike a nerve, I’m chiming in with my two pints about two new listicles that take on a subject near and dear to many parents’ hearts: where they can enjoy a beer without having to hire a babysitter.

Here’s LA Weekly Squid Ink’s 10 Places for New Parents to Eat Out and Drink Beer, written by Heather Platt. Having contributed similar articles for the same media outlet, I know the work it takes and research involved. I salute the heavy lifting that goes into dragging around babies and/or kids to make this article happen, and I’m glad other people are doing it, since that wasn’t the case when I started this here website. Her pics:

  1. Golden Road
  2. Spitz
  3. Barnsdall
  4. LACMA
  5. Mohawk Bend
  6. Duke’s Malibu
  7. Link n’ Hops
  8. Rock & Brews
  9. Original Farmers’ Market
  10. Mud Hen Tavern

Next up is Red Tricycle L.A.’s, a website and e-blast that’s part of a national chain, selections of 7 Beer Spots that Welcome Kids.

  1. Golden Road
  2. Simzy’s
  3. Rascal
  4. Original Farmers’ Market
  5. Wurstkuche
  6. Rock & Brews
  7. Los Angeles Brewing Company

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